Vintage Wheels & Keels

-Your vehicle is your attitude, so
show the world your classy attitude -

Vintage Wheels & Keels

Let’s take a spin down memory lane in America’s favorite classic cars, motorcycles and vintage boats. A good old car, motorcycle, or boat becomes a part of the family. The memories created, stories and adventures are shared from one generations to the next. Whether you’re a member of the Greatest, Silent, Baby Boomer, X, Y or Z Generation, cars and boats are an abiding passion that unites multiple generations of Americans.

Grab your art supplies and let’s get sketching our treasured memories of family road trips, cruising the roads with friends of our youth or long summer days spent on the boat cruising the waters of our favorite lake with family and friends.

Gilmore Car Museum
Antique Boat Museum - Intro Video
Howard Johnson's Collection of 100 Classic Wooden Boats

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Gatsby Rolls Royce
Vintage Royal Car

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Classic Wooden Boats


All Virtual New York Urban Sketchers events are one session (10 am -12 pm EST) held on Saturdays. For participants wanting to challenge themselves sketching more of a particular locality or theme, you are welcome to do the EXTENSION SKETCH PROJECT below:

Vintage Wheels & Keels  Extension Sketch Project:
Choose of the following prompt to sketch:
(a) vintage car in Havana
(b) vintage mafia car
(c) fender of vintage car
(d) wooden yacht

*Please post your finished sketches
to the USK NYC Facebook Site
Be sure to add the hash tag #NUS.

Facilitators of Virtual NYC Urban Sketchers
  • Theresa Smith
  • Lynda Greeley (Mama Bear)
  • Cecilia Evasco (Maricel)
  • Dina Schlesinger
  • Alan Wernicke
  • Michael Skelly
  • Elizabeth Birkby
with the assistance of Mark Leibowitz
founder of USK NYC

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Scheduled for October 2, 2021

Coming UP: American Seaside Resorts

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